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Please vote for the photo below that you feel best represents "sand" (: So glad I dont vote, these are all awesome!

Voting will close on September 6th at 11:00pm EST.

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Last minute entry. I took this a few years ago during a trip to Korea. A little boy playing in the sand. :)

(Click for slightly larger view)
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For the 'sand' contest, a picture of the things that have replaced the sand on a beach in Maine.

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Thanks to everyone who has already submitted their entry for the “Sand” contest! They are all so lovely (:

Just a reminder that they are due tomorrow by 11pm Eastern Standard time. Thanks!
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For the 'sand' contest:
Self-portrait 2: edge


Aug. 25th, 2011 06:39 pm
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For the sand contest, because cryptic coloration is awesome--you could not spot these against the sand until they moved, which I imagine is why they're called ghost crabs. :-)

'Anaeho'omalu - Ghost Crab (Ocypode sp.)
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Because we got married on a beach, and honeymooned on a beach, I wanted some sand from each spot as a keepsake. We have a nice glass "vase" in our bedroom that holds the sand. The bottom layer is from Guilford, Connecticut which is on Long Island Sound. The middle layer is from the sandy cove area of our hotel on the Big Island of Hawaii, and the top layer is from a black sand beach (black because it's made from volcanic rock) also on the big island of Hawaii. I think it's interesting to see not only the color difference, but the particle size. The Connecticut sample has lot of large rock&shell particles in it. The white sand has some but is fairly smooth. The black sand is almost straight fine sand with no rock or shell.
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Congratulations to [personal profile] frith for winning the contest! The photos were all so excellent again; I want to thank everyone who participated and who voted. (:

The new contest theme is: Sand

The entries are due by August 27th, 11pm Eastern.

As usual, have fun! :D


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