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Name:Photographic Eye
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Welcome to [community profile] photographic_i
Layout credit: [personal profile] sarken!

Whether a novice at photography or an expert, feel free to post your latest photos. Either to get input or simply to share something you enjoyed photographing. We're a very open community. There are only 3 simple rules:

1. Do not criticize anyone's work... UNLESS they specifically ask for criticism. Folks seeking constructive criticism should indicate that somewhere in their entry.

2. Max TWO photos outside of a cut and no bigger than 600pixels in width (please save the friend's page). Photos under the cut can be any size.

Also, anything of sexual nature should always be under a cut with a NSFW notice somewhere visible.

To do a cut, please use <.cut> (remove the period). If you'd like text, <.cut text="Insert text"> (remove the period)

3. Have fun! This is a place to share with others who share the same interests. Simply post any photos you'd like to share.

Contest "Purple"

Entries due by: August 15, 11:59pm EST

Tag: contest: purple, p: username

Winner's Award: 30 Dreamwidth Points

Have fun! And remember, you may always post photos that have nothing to do with the contest. :)

Please remember the community rules … no photo bigger than 600 pixels in width. You may post a LARGER image of your photo, under a cut, and direct folks to view beneath the cut. If you aren’t sure on how to do a cut, please view the profile to this community.

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