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My apologies for the delay! Please vote for the one that you feel best represents PURPLE. Winner will get 30 DW points (:

Voting will end on the 19th at 11:59PM EST

This poll is closed.
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Please vote for the one that best represents PURPLE.

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Aug. 15th, 2011 04:11 pm
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Hi All,

Submissions for the current contest are due by 11:59pm tonight. The contest theme is PURPLE.

We’ll start the voting on the entries tomorrow.

Happy to see there were already some submissions (:
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Back yard flower :)

Click for full detail.
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Pouncing on the possibility to participate by posting this particular picture of my purple pony posing in a panchromatic panoply of pane pieces paving plots parallel to pedestrian paths in a parking lot.

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Taken: 06/14/2009
Minnesota Arboretum

I haven't been out at the Arboretum as much this year, been walking towards some weightloss. This is one of the pictures that have survived my many Flickr photo purges. Irises are among the first flowers to start blooming at the Minnesota Arboretum.
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Purple is the new flower

These flowers grow outside our building. I didn't get around taking a picture of them this summer so the picture is from last year.
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There seemed to be enough interest for us to continue the contests again. I figure having until the 15th is enough time, right?

The theme for the next contest is going to be PURPLE.


Entries should be submitted by August 15th, 2011 11:59PM EST to qualify.

Winner will receive 30 Points (= 1 month paid time or can be used towards other things in the DW store).

Happy photo taking!


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Photographic Eye

Current Contest

Theme: Clouds

Submit By: September 15, 11:00pm EST

Use Tag: p: username, contest: clouds

Prize: 30 DW Points

Participants (who didn't receive 10points this time): 5 points

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