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Congratulations to [personal profile] sakurablossom for winning the Love theme! Your 30 points have been awarded; please let me know if you do not get them within 24 hours.

I have decided to let the Three Weeks for Dreamwidth run it's course before we pick up the next contest. I'll announce the new theme on May 15th.

Great job to everyone who's been posting and keeping up. I've been loving your beautiful photos SO MUCH! :D
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Again, sorry for the lateness. Below are the submissions from the latest contest.

The theme was LOVE.

Voting will end on April 30th 11pm EST, where I'll announce the winner and the new theme.

As always, the winner will get 30 Dreamwidth points. Thanks!

Poll #6751 Contest - Love
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Please vote for ONE. These are in order of submission.

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2 (10.5%)

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11 (57.9%)

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My lovely golden boys. Phoenix and Sunfire snuggling together. :)

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Here's my entry for the Love contest. This was tricky - I have lots of cute animal pictures and debated over some of those, I love to downhill ski and have some pics of that, I even considered a pic of my favorite kind of food! But I finally settled on what I love to do best, and that's travel. :)

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Coral on lava rock. Found on the beach in Hawaii.
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♥ LOVE is my Niece and Nephew ♥
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Mutual sniffing

Love is my husband and our boxer dog Rambo  

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Congratulations to [personal profile] littlethings for winning the "Water" Contest! Your points have been awarded, please let me know if you do not get them within 24 hours!

Our next theme is LOVE.

Please submit your photos by April 25th, 2011, 11pm EST.

Use tag--contest: love.

Thank you everyone for submitting such wonderful entries and for voting!


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Current Contest

Theme: Clouds

Submit By: September 15, 11:00pm EST

Use Tag: p: username, contest: clouds

Prize: 30 DW Points

Participants (who didn't receive 10points this time): 5 points

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