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What a great turnout! Thank you, everyone, for keeping the community active and submitting your photos! (:

The theme for this contest was WATER --- Please vote for the one you feel best represents the theme. Voting will close on Friday, April 15th at 11pm Eastern.

At that time, the winner will be awarded 30 dreamwidth points and the new theme will be announced.

I was asked to try out keeping the photos in the original size posted; that's why these appear bigger than in previous polls. The only one that I shrank just a tad bit was the first one because it was over 700pixels in width, and I'd like to keep the photos under 650pixels. Otherwise, these are posted as they were originally submitted.

(The button near the bottom left of the photo, will vote for the photo you want--or on some layouts, like mine shows up above the image)

Poll #6599 Contest #5 - Water
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Please vote for ONE. These are in order of submission.

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The deadline looms large! Time passes like water flowing to the sea. In this round we can get Green, Blue and Water all in the same shot! It's a three for one deal. Add in a floating candle on a sunny day and you could cover all five contests. 8^D


Apr. 10th, 2011 08:44 pm
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Huge thanks to those who have already entered their photo for the contest. Just a reminder to those who haven't that there's a little over 24 hours left to submit a photo for WATER. tongue

I am also losing track of what contest we're on when I'm making posts (yeah, memory is like swiss cheese annoyed). SO, future contest tags will be the 'theme' we're doing ... which will actually help me ... that way I don't use the same thing again.

And new layout for the community, thanks to [personal profile] sarken!
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p.s not sure if I should tag this entry or not? Let me know :-)!
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 30 December 2008

I miss living by the water. I grew up by the water. I spent most of my childhood on water. This picture is taken in Nynäshamn in Sweden, where I used to live for five years. I don't live by the water anymore. I really miss it.
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I decided I was going to get this done 'early' this time instead of panicking on the last day, lol. Shot looking down just over the top of a waterfall, I like it because it almost looks like you're going to fall right over the edge. Plus I caught a rainbow which I was excited about. Taken at Niagara Falls.

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Congratulations [personal profile] sakurablossom for winning the contest! Your award has been sent, please let me know if you do not receive it in 24 hours.

The theme for Contest #5 is Water

Please enter your submissions by April 11th, 11PM EST.

Remember to tag your entries-- contest: 5


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