Mar. 30th, 2011 10:10 am
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Greetings, Earthlings!

Voting ends tomorrow night at 11pm EST, so have your pals come by and vote! I will announce the winner and the new theme, so check back then (:

Good day, earthlings!

The Mod-Seeya!
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A HUGE thanks to all of you who submitted a photo for the contest; you are the ones who keep the community active and alive, and I truly appreciate it!

Below are the entries submitted for the contest theme, GREEN. Please vote for the one you feel best represents the theme (as usual, glad I do not vote on these because this one is another hard one! :D).

Voting will end at 11pm EST on March 31st. Winner receives 30points; good luck! (:

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Criticism is always welcome. 8^)

I took some pictures of moss I have growing on a mound of dirt. It didn't work out. Much too grainy in the low-light conditions I was shooting in. So have some lily of the valley instead. I really should get a new camera, preferably a Fujifilm Finepix F200 EXR or equivalent.

BTW, overcast days are the best for taking straight pictures of bright objects in dull or dark backgrounds. Especially flowers. Sunny days are for texture and pictures of furry animals. The shadows cast by sunlight bring out detail such as that in fur. Without sunlight, fur is dull, grainy and colourless. Those are just two rules I follow, but to paraphrase Freeman Patterson, rules are guides, and once you know them, try to break them. Seeing is also an art. 8^)
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Green Cubes

Three kind of green cube beads; Transparent Chartreuse, Transparent Emerald & Forest Green.
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I was going to post this as a spring image. But decided to enter it into the green contest. :)

Clicking will show the image's full size.

Don't mind my DA watermark in the corner.
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Three Days left to submit your entries for "GREEN". (:

Please remember to tag the entry, contest: 4
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Congratulations to [personal profile] frith for winning the 4th community contest! The points have been awarded, please let me know if you do not get them within 24 hours.

Theme for contest #4 will be a color. I thought I would do another 'easier' prompt, since we've had two slightly more difficult ones.

Contest 4's theme is GREEN
(photo taken/edited by me)

Entries due by: March 26th, 11pm EST
Tag: contest: 4
Winner's Award: 30 Dreamwidth Points

And remember, you can always post photos in between contest dates (:


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Photographic Eye

Current Contest

Theme: Clouds

Submit By: September 15, 11:00pm EST

Use Tag: p: username, contest: clouds

Prize: 30 DW Points

Participants (who didn't receive 10points this time): 5 points

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