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Congratulations to [personal profile] frith for winning the 4th community contest! The points have been awarded, please let me know if you do not get them within 24 hours.

Theme for contest #4 will be a color. I thought I would do another 'easier' prompt, since we've had two slightly more difficult ones.

Contest 4's theme is GREEN
(photo taken/edited by me)

Entries due by: March 26th, 11pm EST
Tag: contest: 4
Winner's Award: 30 Dreamwidth Points

And remember, you can always post photos in between contest dates (:
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Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest! Winner will receive 30points towards their account to be used as they wish, so please vote for the one you like most.

Contest theme was SHADOW.

Voting will end on March 16th at 11pm EST, at which point the winner and new contest theme will be announced! (:

Poll #6265 Contest #3
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Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 15

Please vote for ONE. These are in order of submission.

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4 (26.7%)

8 (53.3%)

3 (20.0%)

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2 4   H O U R S    L E F T



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snowch 006a

I might be slow, but I'm still first! Go figure. Time is running out! Tick tock tick tock tick tock. Pressure!

Edit: Ninja'd! I'm not first after all. 8^D

Son of edit: Where'd the tags go? Try, trying again.
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The kitty and I want to know what is behind door number one?

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F O U R   D A Y S   L E F T



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Greetings [community profile] photographic_i!

I am going to test run having two contests in one month. Therefore, the due date for Contest #3 (Shadow) has changed; all photos are now due by March 11th, 11pm EST.

We will then have the voting for a few days (instead of a whole week), and then the next contest will be announced along with the winner.

Let's see how this goes, and if it works better, I'll keep it this way. This will give two people a chance to win in one month.

Good luck, and more importantly, have fun!

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Congratulations to [personal profile] the_lighthouse for winning the second contest! The prize has been applied to your account; please let me know if you do not get it within 24 hours!

Third Contest Theme:
(photo taken/edited by me)

Please submit your entry photo by March 11th, 11pm Eastern Standard Time, and remember to tag your submission with contest: 3. As usual, the winners of contests receive 30 points to be used as they wish (paid time, gift shop, gift for others, etc).

Have fun! And remember, you may always post photos that have nothing to do with the contest. :)

I do have a question though—Would you all like to have two contests in one month versus the once a month I’ve been doing?

Or, do you like having time to take your photo, process it, and then post it?

If we did it twice a month, we’d of course shorten the time contestants had to submit photos, and the time to vote. BUT, it would give two folks a chance to win in one month, instead of just one winner.

I am trying to get the community to be a little more active. I do like that so many are posting entries for the contests, but I would like to see more going on ‘in-between’ the time a contest starts and the time the voting begins as well.

Please share your thoughts, thank you!


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Photographic Eye

Current Contest

Theme: Clouds

Submit By: September 15, 11:00pm EST

Use Tag: p: username, contest: clouds

Prize: 30 DW Points

Participants (who didn't receive 10points this time): 5 points

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